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Four Season Sunroom converted from Screened Porch
Convert Your Screened Porch Into A Sunroom
Screened porches are great, but converting that space into a four season sunroom can increase its usability year-round. Whether it is utilized to help the overflow of Thanksgiving dinner guests, or as a reading room over the winter, the many options have motivated our clients to convert that existing porch...
shower remodeling by advantage home contracting
Update Your Shower To Suit Your Needs
As your needs change over time it is important that your home change too. Embarking on a shower update project can provide you with an opportunity to create an entirely different experience in a room you spend time in every day. Shower time is your time, enjoy it!   Update Your Shower...
exterior painting tips by advantage home contracting
Smart Tips for Exterior Painting of Your House
Exterior paint is the first thing that people notice about your home. Exterior paint makes a strong visual impact and reflects the identity of your home. A supreme exterior paint enriches personality of the house and also of its residents while a shoddy exterior paint demeans the value of the...
bathroom remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Change The Footprint Of Your Bathroom To Gain Space
You can change the footprint of your bathroom (preferably when you have a wood floor rather than concrete). What I mean is maybe it would serve you well to move the toilet, as seen in this photo, so you can create recessed shelving to hold knickknacks etc. Often times moving...
bathroom remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Go Big
With a little creativity, you can expand that small shower, especially on the second floor of a home. Second story floors are usually wood and you can move the toilet and shower drain, allowing both to be relocated. This allows you to clear the playing field, giving yourself the space...
bathroom remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Open Up That Tiny Shower
When you get into your shower do you feel like you are stepping into a tomb? Do you feel that because your bathroom is already small there is nothing you can do about it? Rarely is this true; most walls are still 8 feet tall and most bathrooms are still...


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