As your needs change over time it is important that your home change too. Embarking on a shower update project can provide you with an opportunity to create an entirely different experience in a room you spend time in every day. Shower time is your time, enjoy it!

Before and after image of a shower remodel performed by Advantage Home Contracting


Update Your Shower for Usability

Dated showers rarely have bench seats which can provide versatility for shaving your legs, or having a relaxing and steady space within your shower as you get older. Countless customers have found value in replacing the tub that they may have needed for bathing their children with a shower that has more built-in shelving, a bench or corner seat, and even grab bars and a short, flat pan to aid with accessibility.

Update Your Shower for Aesthetic Appeal 

Changing the look and feel of your shower can have a great impact! Designing your shower and bathroom with lighting and space in mind makes a room you spend a lot of time in friendly for you. Playing with tile sizes, shapes, and colors can add a splash of fun to your space, class up a tired tub, or create a serene and relaxing bathing experience. The combinations are endless as seen in our portfolio of design transitions we have helped create!

Update Your Shower for Space

Many of our customers are amazed by the amount of space that can be created by tearing out bulky tub inserts. By replacing these units with a simple floor pan and opting for tile shower walls, we have been able to prove time and again that a small space doesn’t have to feel small. In some cases, a little design creativity can unlock untold bounties of hidden space! Opening up your shower can go a long way toward improving your daily routine.



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