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bathroom remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Go Big
With a little creativity, you can expand that small shower, especially on the second floor of a home. Second story floors are usually wood and you can move the toilet and shower drain, allowing both to be relocated. This allows you to clear the playing field, giving yourself the space...
bathroom remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Open Up That Tiny Shower
When you get into your shower do you feel like you are stepping into a tomb? Do you feel that because your bathroom is already small there is nothing you can do about it? Rarely is this true; most walls are still 8 feet tall and most bathrooms are still...
house remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Dress Up That Laundry Room
Assuming you have more space than just a washer and dryer sitting next to each other or stacked on top in a closet, you may want to consider dressing it up a touch. You can actually paint your laundry room and maybe even add an accent wall or pictures. The point...
bath & kitchen remodeling by Advantage Home Contracting
Start with a focal point (Bathroom and Kitchen remodels)
Having done hundreds of kitchen and bathroom remodels I know how hard it is for clients to get their initial color scheme going. Let me make it easy: start with a focal point which is the main eye catcher in this given area. With bathrooms it is good to start...
bathroom addition tips by Advantage Home Contracting
Add a New Bathroom
Adding a bathroom is not as hard as you think; all we need is a bathroom in the general area above, beside or below. We just took an oversized dining room and sitting area and ran a 1/2 bathroom off a backwall using only a 3' by 7' area. We...


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